Starting a training like Dyscalculia Tutor Training is an important decision. There is a huge need for Dyscalculia Tutors, so you will be very welcome after you have done this training.

The Dyscalculia Tutor Training will take a minimum of three months to complete, when you take the time to study the materials thoroughly.

There is a more relaxed option for those who have busy jobs or activities and that would take up to five months.

We provide study guides for the Basic module below as a guideline, obviously it is up to you to determine the pace you are comfortable with and all material is available on day one and continues to be available for you in the future.

IMPORTANT: As the editions over the years have changed chapter numbers, we include below the content of the edition we used in developing the training materials. You can compare the number of the chapters in the flowcharts below with the content page also included below and then find the same topics in your edition. The content did not change significantly, just the chapter numbers keep changing and some additional content was added

The content of the edition we used