The Dyscalculia Tutor Training requires serious self study and participant involvement and after successful completion will allow you to start your career as an independent Dyscalculia Tutor or Specialist.

The Dyscalculia Tutor Training features 110 videos totaling 31 hours in five modules and 235 downloadable tools, templates and games

When you have successfully completed this course, you will receive our certificate indicating that you are a Dyscalculia tutor at basic level 1-1 and we will stay in touch with you throughout your tutoring career to ensure you continue to meet our standards in tutoring.

This is not a recipe on how to tutor a student, this is a way of teaching that should allow you to develop your own tutoring style suitable for students with dyscalculia. Testing is not done with some miracle proprietary test that automatically tells you what modules to teach, rather testing is done through existing validated tests and you will need to translate the outcomes into tutoring sessions.

Required reading are the following books:

  • Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally, Student Value Edition (8th Edition) ISBN 0133768937 app $100 when you shop around
  • Field Experience Guide Fourth Edition By John A. Van de Walle, Jennifer M. Bay-Williams ISBN-13: 978-0-13-282113-1 app $30
  • Curriculum Focal Points by NCTM ISBN: 0-87353-595-2 find it on
  • the Dyscalculia Solution by Jane Emerson & Patricia Babtie teaching number sense isbn: 9781441129512 app $40-$50
  • Dyscalculia from Science to Education by Brian Butterworth (2019) ISBN: 978-1-138-68861-2 app $30

  • Optional: Dyscalculia guidance by Brian Butterworth and Dorian Yeo helping pupils with specific learning difficulties in maths Dr Schreuder refers to this book in the video but it is an older book and so it is now optional isbn: 0-7087-1152-9 Pricing is high now, but you can try

The training includes the following modules

Save money buy a bundle:

Below the curriculum for the Basic 1-1 module.Units with a D after the numbers have documents you can download to help you build up your library of tools and techniques.Units with an AV after the number have short videos with demonstrationsUnits with just a number have the main videos by Dr Schreuder who guides you through all material.

1. Introduction

1. 201001: Introduction dyscalculia tutor training
2. 201002: Required Reading
3. 201005: Interventions
4. 201006: Short History of Dyscalculia
5. 201007: Common signs of Dyscalculia
6. 201011: Golden rules of Dyscalculia Tutoring
7. 201012: Planning, Organisation, and Documentation
8. 201999: Quiz on the introduction

2. Testing for Dyscalculia

1. 202001 Testing for Dyscalculia
2. 202003: Numeracy Screener
3. 202004: The Dyscalculia Assessment
4. 202004-D: The Dyscalculia Assessment
5. 202005: Math Reasoning Inventory
6. 202007: Panamath
7. 202100: Response To Intervention
8. 202100-D: Response to Intervention
9. 202500-D: balloons Digits completed correctly empty chart
10. 202999: Quiz on Testing for Dyscalculia

3. Teaching Mathematics

1. 203001: Standards, systems and curriculum
2. 203005: Concepts and frame work
3. 203007: Assessment Chapter 5
4. 203008: Equity Chapter 6
5. 203009: Technology blessing and curse
6. 203999: Quiz on Teaching Mathematics

4. Math Anxiety

1. 204001: Math Anxiety
2. 204001-AV Rules of Thumb
3. 204001-D: Rules of Thumb
4. 204005: Math Anxiety, three solutions
5. 204005-D: Math Anxiety three solutions
6. 204999: Quiz on Math Anxiety

5. Teaching Basics

1. 205001: Developing early number concepts and number sense
2. 205001-AV: First, Second and Third place
3. 205001-D: First, Second and Third place
4. 205002-AV: Patterns from concrete to abstract
5. 205002-D: Patterns from concrete to abstract
6. 205003-AV: Number Cards, counting and sorting activity
7. 205003-D: Number Cards, counting and sorting activity
8. 205005: Developing meaning for the operations
9. 205005-D: Developing meaning for the operation
10. 205006: Helping students master the basic facts
11. 205006-D: Helping students master the basic facts
12. 205007-AV: Domino Doubles cards
13. 205007-D: Domino Doubles cards
14. 205008-AV: Domino Doubles plus one
15. 205008-D: Domino Doubles plus one
16. 205009-AV Rekenrek
17. 205009-D Rekenrek
18. 205010: Visual Spatial Activities coming soon
19. 205010-AV: Symmetry Activity, looking left and right
20. 205010-D: Symmetry Activity, looking left and right
21. 205011-AV: Pegboards
22. 205011-D: Pegboards
23. 205012-AV: Ruler Number-Sense activity
24. 205012-D: Ruler Number-Sense activity
25. 205009 D: OverviewMultiplication and Division for Visual Learners
26. 205999: Quiz on teaching basics

6. Numbers

1. 207001: Developing whole number place value concepts
2. 207001-AV: Numberline addition and subtraction
3. 207001-D: Numberline addition and subtraction
4. 207002-AV: Place Value Discs
5. 207002-D: Place Value Discs
6. 207005: Developing strategies for addition and subtraction
7. 207005-AV: Number Talks
8. 207005-D: Numbertalks
9. 207009: Developing strategies for multiplication and division
10. 207009-AV: Dominoes make nine activity and game
11. 207009-D: Dominoes make nine activity and game
12. 207999: Quiz on numbers

7. Final words

1. 221001: Final Exam Preparation
2. 221005: Your certificate the rights and requirements
3. 221009: Conclusion

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