Dr. Schreuder wants to increase the number of available Dyscalculia Tutors to work with children, and adults, who have this forgotten learning disability.

For this reason our tuition has been kept at a very affordable level:

For the Dyscalculia Tutor Training basic 1-1

  • One payment of $585 gives you full access to the Training for as long as you need.
  • If one payment is not right for you at this moment we also have a payment plan with three monthly payments of $198

The module Tutoring Dyscalculia, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 1-2 is priced at $275

The module Tutoring Dyscalculia, Algebra concepts in a visual way 1-3 is priced at $145

You can get the above three most popular modules with a 15% discount when buying them in our small bundle. Instead of paying $1,005, you pay $854

The module Dyscalculia Tutoring Geometry Concepts 1-4 is priced at $145

The module Dyscalculia Tutoring Graphs, Charts, and Data Analysis 1-5 is priced at $120

Get all modules with 15% off

By popular demand we have created a large bundle that includes all of the modules:

  • Dyscalculia Tutor Training Basic 1-1
  • Tutoring Dyscalculia; Fractions, decimals and percentages 1-2
  • Tutoring Dyscalculia; Algebra concepts in a visual way 1-3
  • Tutoring Dyscalculia; Geometry Concepts 1-4
  • Tutoring Dyscalculia; Graphs, Charts, and Data Analysis 1-5

Regular price would be $1,270 but when buying the LARGE BUNDLE you pay $1,080

Taxes, when appropriate in your location, are not included. Also you will need to purchase some books to successfully complete the course, see under academics.